June 27, 2007

Your opinion, please...

I need your opinion, dear reader. Which of the following do you find more interesting, a blog with...

1) Just text - no photos.

2) Photos with short captions and a brief synopsis of the entire post.

3) A LOT of pictures! No text at all - let the title explain.

4) Four or five photos will do; I don't like scrolling through one's entire daily history.

5) All of the above, INCLUDE VIDEOS please - I like variety!

A few questions:

1) Do pictures of food do anything for you? I mean, do you think it can be gross?

2) Do you think that a blog can sometimes give TOO MUCH information?
"So I was wiping his nose about six times a day, and then he started to throw up, so now I'm thinking I better get this kid to the doctor.." Get my drift? How do you feel about this kind of "tell-it-all" blogging?

3) What is your opinion about how often one should post?

4) How do you feel about links? Do you actually use them?

Do you ever scroll through posts from last year, the year before that one, etc.?

6) Do you enjoy participating in questionnaires?

THANK YOU for you help. I am trying to make my blog as attractive and easy to read as possible and your opinion means a lot to me! Soon I'll be posting my new business venture. WATCH FOR IT!


Randy said...

Love the blog! I say variety is the spice of life. Your blog is a reflection of you and who you are. Keep it interesting and engaging to Others will find it interesting.

Brittany said...

I love looking at other people's photos and reading about people's lives. And yes, I've read through your entire blog - all the way back to when you started up until now. I say keep doing what you're doing! :)

Anonymous said...

Mary, Your blog is great!!! Your love for life, family, and the Lord comes shinning through. Your doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Love, Danielle

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Engesetter
I think your blog is great! I love looking at the pictures and the text you write about them.
Have a wonderful day!
I love you.

Anonymous said...

Keep it just how it is. Everything is perfect just how it is. I like your blogger and i like everything you put on it.

The Capo's said...

Hi Mary,
I love your blog! I look at it everyday. Nothing should be different.The only answer to all your questions is just keep it with your touch, personality, and love for everything and everybody and you can't go wrong.This is what makes it so special!!
Thanks for sharing, Gina

Abbey said...

Hi Mom,
Your blog is great just "The Way it Is!"

Love it...keep up the good work!

Love, Abbey

Anonymous said...

Mary, Keep your blog the way it is. It is my way of feeling a bit closer to my family oh so far away.Love your pictures and captions. The Lord gave you a very great gift. Love Mom

Anne said...

I for one love to see pictures and some explanation that goes with it... I also read all the way back to the beginning of your blog! Yours was one of the very few that I did that with, because I like your writing style;o). Keep up your blog the way it is! It's great:o).

Anne said...
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