July 12, 2007

On the Cliff Walk

Forty steps will carry you downward to a beautiful view of the ocean at Newport, Rhode Island. Each step is inscribed with the name of an individual or family who gave benevolently to maintain the Cliff Walk and its beauty. One family gave in honor of a father and son who were lost at sea and who were never recovered.

The Cliff Walk is marked by several of these rustic archways:

At the bottom, looking up!

Abbey and me:

Stopping for a brief moment to record family history.

A favorite photo of mine.

Walking on the rocks requires one to be sure-footed, which can mean removing one's sandals! The long reeds of beach grass in Abbey's hand were used to make me think I had a bug on my neck.

Enjoying the coastline. . .
Newport as it appears from the cliffs.

One of the mansions whose backyard is the cliff walk. It is required that those who walk the Cliff Walk respect the property of the mansions that overlook the walkway and the Atlantic Ocean.

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