July 12, 2007

On tour...

Our tour of Block Island included this Jeep Wrangler Sport - with the top down and the wind blowin'! Block Island consists of ten square miles of bucolic, seaside country. If any of my readers have seen "Anne of Green Gables," think of Prince Edward Island and you'll have a good idea of Block Island's scenery. What a beautiful place on planet Earth, untouched by industrial progress.

In the Jeep, as close as we can be!

Randy and Abbey parked at the cliff of Rodman's Hollow - a deep gorge that sits BELOW sea level on the island.A different point of view:

Mohegan Bluffs - the gorgeous cliffs that are the coast of Block Island. There were at least 300 steps to the beach.

Randy, on his way up, turned around for this perfect shot...
Double click on this image to see a mother Canadian goose and her gaggle of babies:

This house sits atop gently rolling hills with the Atlantic Ocean for a view. What a beautiful, beautiful place... We're going again in the Fall!


Brittany said...

It looks so beautiful there! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. I've always wanted to do that.