November 28, 2007

Christmas bells are ringing!

Look what Abbey did!


Julie's Jewels said...

Awww!! How cute is that!! My husband would have that thing off my dog in 5 seconds after putting it on my dog's collar. He hates bells. I used to have a reindeer wreath that had a battery in it and a motion sensor in it so that each time someone walked by it would play a Christmas song. He hated that thing. Needless to say the battery attachment is missing and not one person will admit that they took it off there.

Mary said...

Julie, that is SO funny! I have a snowman made from ultra-soft vinyl that sings "jingle bells" and moves when it detects motion. My husband DOES NOT LIKE IT AT ALL! In fact, it our "wiggly snowman" has strangely disappeared from our snowman collection this year - we can't find it. Anywhere. Hmmm.... Hope you're doing well, Julie! Thanks so much for dropping in!