November 26, 2007

When husbands help.

Randy surprised me this morning and made the bed while I was making the coffee. Our "friendship pillow" was turned upside down, but I didn't mind! In fact, I left it that way for the whole day - 'twas a sweet reminder of one simple act of thoughtfulness that set the tone for our whole day - after all, that's what friends are for!


Leila said...

Mary, lovely blog! I love the photo of you and Bro. Engesetter, especially. Just started a new blog myself; feel free to visit!

Julie's Jewels said...

Awwww!! That is so sweet!! It is those little things our husbands do that mean so very much!!

Mary said...

Thank you for your comments girls! Blogger friends are just so wonderful, aren't they? :o)