November 1, 2007

The votes are in!

Thank you so much for voting on my poll in regard to blog music. You may be wondering what I think about blog music—do I like it? Do I think it’s not necessary? Do I find it annoying? Did I actually vote in my own poll? YES! I did! I actually voted in my own poll. After all, everyone is entitled to an opinion and mine has been shaped not only through experience, but also through research. Do you know that the average person spends approximately one or two minutes looking at the blog of another? If that person has to spend any time turning off music he doesn’t appreciate, that person will leave the blog altogether.

A blog should never be “work” for the viewer—that’s my opinion. Oftentimes, I have become frustrated with blog music, especially when it interferes with music already playing on my computer. “Oh Sola Mio” and “Amazing Grace” coming forth from the same sound system creates a cacophony, not an enjoyable listening experience! “Just turn off your speakers if you don’t want to hear it,” was one solution offered by a fellow blogger. But why should I have to? Should one’s blog music dictate the control panel of my computer sound system? Is it fair that I should take my time to adjust slide bars and dials just so I can look at another’s blog in silence or while listening to the music of my own choice?

Those who voted in favor of blog music (10 votes) were outvoted by those who are not (18 votes). The people have spoken—blog music is not really necessary and can, in fact, be an annoyance. :o) And now you know how I voted on my own poll.


Anonymous said...

You know, a lot of us that got the idea about putting music at all on our blogs was from you in the first place. OK, you don't like it anymore, but did you need to be so harsh about it? Is turning a dial, or the click of a mouse really work? It's more work reading a lenthy blog to just find out it wasn't worth the effort in the first place.

Mary said...

Hello "Anonymous"! I am sorry that you are offended with my opinion of blog music. It really is just my opinion, which was not intended to hurt anyone. I've never had music on my blog, so I wonder where that idea came from. I'm certainly not insinuating that anyone remove their own blog music. Like I said, I'm just stating my opinion - as did 18 other people who voted the same way I did; howbeit anonymously. My words were not directed at any single person; but, like an editorial in a newspaper, stated simply how I think about a certain thing. My opinion is not wrong, nor is yours. One can feel free to write his or her feelings about any subject he or she chooses on a blog. That's the fun of it! Those who know me certainly understand that I am not a harsh person - I never could be with Christ as my Lord and Saviour. It was my hope that my friends would read my post in the spirit with which it was written, knowing fully that I meant harm to no one! "Great peace have they that love thy law and nothing shall offend them." Psalm 119:165

Anonymous said...

blog music makes me crazy