March 16, 2008

A review of Jessica's recipe, "Estofado de Pollo" ("Stewed Chicken" South American style.)

Stage One:
Stage Two:

Stage Three:

Our conclusion:

This was a delicious dinner! We served it over organic brown rice. This recipe is a complete meal when coupled with a crisp, green salad. The only thing I would do different is wait until the chicken is off the bones to add the potatoes. They don't take long to cook in the simmering stew. We say, "Try it, you'll like it!" Good recipe, Jessica! Onto to the next recipe, Louanne's "Ritz Chicken..."

PS - These recipes can be found in the comment box of this post.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you guys liked it! And you're right about the potatoes, ooops! i'm going to have to remember that myself :)
Love ~ Jessica

Anonymous said...

ooooooo yummy! my mom does make good food I told my mom if she can make it some day she said yes!

Love ~Giovanna

ANDO said...

Look delicious
But I never taste it yet
Someday maybe.
But It's Nice to see you

Janie said...

Sounds delicious!