April 1, 2008

Abbey and Melissa have been taking driving lessons with Leila, a very capable professor of driving law and etiquette.

Here they are: Melissa, Leila,and Abbey.

Hopefully, Abbey will have her driver's license before the summer makes its grand entrance! Thank you, dear Leila, for all your love, kindness, and patience with the girls. I've never worried for a moment with you as their instructor!


Live, Laugh, Love said...

You GO Leila...you are the BEST! I think that Abbey and Melissa are going to be awesome drivers! Seeing this post made me remember my first time on Sunrise Hwy. I thought I was going to die. I felt this crazy adrenaline rush when I pressed the gas peddle down. Up until that point I hadn't driven over 40mph. Ha!

Leila said...

Thanks Mary, you're so kind. I love teaching the girls and laughing and chatting all along the way. They're a great blessing to me. And Lexi--Sunrise had me scared too, but did I love my first time on the LIE!