April 7, 2008

Shoes on the side of the road have always raised questions in my mind, but when I saw these slippers on the pavement of Waverly Avenue, I had to stop and photograph them. They were just sitting there, almost as if the one who had worn them had just slipped into bed for the night, leaving his slippers to wait for the morning. The heels were smashed down from someone too lazy to put them fully on the foot, and one slipper had been run over by a passing motorist. Over the years, I've seen sneakers, wing-tips, baby shoes, and sandals left to brave the traffic of America's busy thoroughfares; and always I wonder at them. Do you?

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The Stabe said...

That's peculiar; most times only a single shoe is found on the side of the road. I once read a book (still have it, too) with an article on this very matter. I remember reading about a few possible causes:

1. Two kids in the back seat are fighting, throwing shoes. Maybe some flew out the window.

2. A passenger with his feet out the window. A passing pole whacks the tip of his shoe and he becomes unshod.

3. The most likely (but most boring): A person is packing up for a trip and puts stuff on the roof before loading it into the car. The person forgets about a pair shoes and takes off.

Considering these are slippers, it makes things a whole lot more difficult to solve (maybe). I guess this is just a mystery we'll never solve.

Nonetheless, I will continue to support my theory of magical roadside elves (who replace roadside trash with shoes as a symbol) until proven wrong.