January 23, 2009

The very first preacher I ever had the privilege to hear was an evangelist named Al Lacy. I remember sitting in a wooden pew and listening intently for nearly an hour - but it seemed that only five minutes had passed. That's how captivated I was with his clear presentation of Bible Truth. You simply must go over to Randy's blog and click on the link he has posted and listen to the message.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Mary, That was great preaching!!! Show's the insanity of sin. Could I please get a copy of that messsage? Thanks for sharing. Danielle

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Mary! thank you for this article and link. So often we get only the media slanted news. Not much indepth info. I appreciate this post. I haven't been blogging regularly...hopefully I will get back 'toit'. We have some pc connection problems off and on but I've been unusually busy with other things too. you know how that goes..grin. Time online means less time accomplishing things around the house etc. We just got back from a trip south to visit our daughter and her family. They gave me a WII fit for my Bd last week and yesterday I missed a step or two in the home our son is remodeling and sprained my foot and ankle. I'm limping around with an ace bandage on today. At least I don't feel as upset about getting hurt today as I did yesterday. Hope you are having a cozy day. Bye for now.