May 22, 2009

More from Ruby Falls, Tennessee

We enjoyed reading this plaque at the entrance to the cave.

The entrance to the falls in on the right. The door on the left is an alternative exit through the cave in case the elevator fails.

Here's a shot of Abbey and our tour guide. We walked and and he talked for about a half mile through the cave before we finally arrived at the falls.

A rock formation. This is be classified as a stalactite - a type of rock formation that develops from mineralized water dripping from the ceiling of a cave.

The next two pictures are of "caves within the cave," large crevices on either side of the walking path. The colored lights lend vibrancy to the different formations.

This formation is called a column and happens when a stalactite and stalagmite meet.
Other than the waterfall itself, this was one of my favorite cave scenes.

These two make me happy :o)

Just another beautiful cave scene.

This is how life looked for 1/2 mile.

I left this shirt on the back of the bathroom door at the Hilton Garden Inn in Chattanooga. :o(
Randy said the cleaning lady is probably wearing it now.

THE GRAND FINALE! In no way does this photo depict the real beauty of Ruby Falls - the sound, the cool humidity, the colorful lights, and all the oohs and aahs each have a big part in the whole experience. I hope you can go there one day (if you already haven't!).

Thanks for stopping by my blog on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. I'm off to plant my morning glories and some other flowers I bought at the Bloomin' Haus in Holtsville.

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Maggie Ann said...

Oh wow...Ruby Falls is beautiful!!! and it was so nice of you to leave your shirt for the cleaning