May 23, 2009

What? Out of money?

Should we be surprised? Click here.

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Maggie Ann said...

America is morally and financially in trouble. Every time I see that abused dog commercial on tv...I think of the babies being commercials to save them! anyway...I didn't plant my forget-me-nots yet. I guess I thought I'd wait till fall or toward spring would be good. I bought a Buzzy Bee kit...with the seeds for each month. Best deal ever...I think. I've enjoyed it alot. Right now from that kit...I have two ornamental peppers houseplant coming along well. And some Bachelor's Buttons...I've always loved them.~~~I know what you mean about the feel of wool going through your fingers as you crochet or knit. Its the same way with spinning. Just a calm pleasure. I still remember the time my Aunt came to our home...our daughter was only 3 then! and taught me to make granny squares. I loved crocheting them. And I would get up early every morning and crochet on my ruffled doilies. Again, I'm reminded of the song...'its a gift to be simple, its a gift to be free'.....happy day to you friend!