May 12, 2012

Today was a beautiful day and worthy of an early morning rise from this blogger.  Making coffee at 5:45 a.m., I spotted a leggy fox searching through the thick ivy in our backyard - baby rabbits on its mind, of that I am nearly certain.  I watched her for awhile and hoped with all my might that no baby rabbits would be discovered, but rather the horrible blind moles that mound up the earth behind our house.  Having caught nary a thing, I watched her saunter away, cross the road, and disappear into underbrush outside the neighbor's fence.  8 o'clock found my husband and me along with the last of the good boys (Mr. Higgins our dog) strolling down the avenue that runs adjacent to a tiny forest.  Two baby fox tumbled and rolled on the concrete not too far from where we were walking.  Mr. Higgins, who is nearly blind, had no vision for chasing them and Randy and I enjoyed their antics for nearly five minutes!  Such darling little creatures (!) and  in need of breakfast, I am sure.  Perhaps little black moles are on their momma's menu?  :o)

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