May 21, 2012

Out With the Old!

 Am loading these photos just for Doris - our Mom down in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  These are before and after photos of our Out with the Old! project.  Sure did make us feel like we were actually building all over again!  Our bedroom was moved into my office and every other thing went into the family room downstairs.  What a mess... but we sure do like the way everything turned out!  The color green has added a serenity that the house didn't have before and the lovely floors (a gift from Above) add warmth and character. It's everything I dreamed of!  Next we'll re-do the kitchen.  Am planning to remove all the wallpaper and add paint.  The cabinets will be scrubbed clean and made to shine!  Our carpenter will add crown molding for dimension.  The family room will be receiving wainscoting at the end of the month with a fresh coat of warmly-colored paint and a wonderful NEW theme.  Will post photos for you when all is finished.  Love you!

This is the entry way after we tore out the old railings.  We are in the process of staining the stairs and I'll be sure to put up photos when they're done.  The rails were white and wooden, which were difficult to keep clean and even harder to paint.  So glad they're gone! Now we've got wrought iron - which we love!

Following is a shot of the living room after we began taking things out to get ready for painting, flooring, etc.  I wish I would have take more photos of how it looked before.  In no way do these photos properly depict the disarray that we lived in for several weeks.

Here's the finished project looking through the new stair railings...You can also see the before and after photos of the hallway, a happy Randy and me, and a few shots of our new bedroom. Enjoy!

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