June 5, 2012

Oh those darling girls!

On the last day of school, I stayed longer in the office than I normally do. When I finally left the building, not a single student remained.  "I didn't even say goodbye to the kids!" I thought to myself, kinda startled that I let such a milestone-of-a-day pass by without much notice.  I was sad and hoped the kids knew that I would miss them.  Then I looked up - and here's what I saw...

Not too sure which ones, but some of the girls had decorated my car with a flower chain made of white clover - the most beautiful flower chain ever created in the history of flower chains! And it made me feel better - because I knew that the kids would be back next year and that the first day of school would be a milestone-of-a-day!  And I would be there to help them celebrate... :o) 

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