June 10, 2012

No barriers here!

I was with them for an hour and a half this Sunday evening.  We colored, we sang songs, and had pretend tea in a plastic play tea set.  I brought my giant Bible man puppet and they laughed hysterically at his antics.  They crawled up in my lap and carefully examined my earrings and the beading at the neckline of my blouse. They chatted away with great animation and I did the same. When it was time to go, they kissed me good-bye and I hugged them close.  And I think they know I love them... even though they didn't understand a single word of the stories I told or the songs I attempted to teach them; nor did I understand their girlish Bengali chatter.  But we found camaraderie around pretend tea, a box of coloring crayons, and a promise to see each other again next Sunday night.

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