July 31, 2012

But God.

This morning, before my feet even hit the maple planking of our bedroom floor, I remembered two of the most encouraging words ever written… but God.  And a song began to tumble along the corridors of my heart, like a child skipping alongside a fence, running a stick along its pickets… “He loves me like I was His only child.  God really loves me, yes He really loves me!  He loves me like I was his only child.”  Then those words came again… but God, and I knew what they meant for me during that moment in time.   Because first thing this morning, Satan tried to buffet me… but God was there.   And He knew I needed a song this day; and He chose one for me, and He brought it to my remembrance just when I needed it most.  He did it because He loves me, He loves me like I was His only child… and that's just the very best thing ever :o)

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