August 2, 2012

Jack Schaap

Before you read the following, let it be known that I am no supporter of Jack Schaap!  He should pay for what he has done and he should seek forgiveness from those who he has offended - mostly the God he claims to serve. I wrote this article after reading the condemning thoughts of several others who are no less guilty than Mr. Schaap, and who themselves have never made things right with those whom they have hurt and offended. 

Jack Schaap—despicable, rotten, no good sinner!  We all look pretty good when we compare ourselves to this guy, don’t we? He's like the bad guy in a movie who everyone wants to see hang. We can point our fingers and mock his idiotic hypocrisy. We can gossip back and forth about his evil involvement with a teenage girl while congratulating ourselves that we’ve never done such a dirty deed.  We can pronounce his sentence and banish him to the deepest pits of hell and shout that he deserves the hottest flame that burns there.  Yep, we all look like angels when we compare ourselves to the wicked Jack Schaap.  And THAT is where the problem lies. 

Are we not to compare ourselves to Christ?  Do we honestly believe that because there are people whose crimes seem more heinous than our own that we shall not be held accountable?   Jack Schaap will give an account of himself… but so shall every man.  Mr. Schaap will give an account for his open, adulteress relationship—and others will answer for the adultery they’ve committed in their hearts…  some for secret sin they’ve managed to keep from their spouses.   Jack Schaap will answer for his blatant hypocrisy—and we will answer for ours.   He’ll give an account for his arrogant pride—and we’ll be asked to give an account for ours.  He’ll be called into judgment for his lying tongue—we too shall stand in judgment for our deceitful crimes.  The list goes on and on.  

Our loving Lord warns us against comparing ourselves to others.  The wise and honest person will proclaim, “But by the grace of God, there go I.”  None of us can deny that a movie screen of our private thoughts is one we’d rather the world not see.  Yet God sees EVERYTHING!  He sees hatred, bitterness, pride, self-justification, self-righteousness, rebellion against Truth, etc., etc., etc.  He sees it ALL!  He records it ALL!  And unless we JUDGE OURSELVES and seek the payment Christ made to erase the charges, we WILL STAND IN JUDGMENT… right alongside Mr. Schaap. 

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Richard Stucke said...

1 Tim 5:24 Some men's sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.

Well put my friend!

Pastor Rick Stucke
Conyers, Georgia