August 3, 2012

Questions and Answers

It’s perplexing for me to realize there are people in my world—some loved ones, some just acquaintances —who think I’m actually dimwitted (what else can I call it?) enough to be a member of a cultish, religious, man-glorifying church.  And I wonder… Do I look like I’m not intelligent?  Do I act as though I am brainless?  Do I appear irresponsible in the way I direct the affairs of my life?  Are my finances and self-education ill-advised?  Am I reckless in the management of my home and time?  Are my clothing and hair-style laughable and absurd?  Does my spirituality appear nonsensical and baseless?  Good grief.  By the comments made about my church and its leadership, you’d think I was walking terra firma in a hooded burlap robe with greasy hair and worn out sandals while begging nickels and dimes with a tin cup on Main Street. 

Quite the opposite is true…

Thanks be to God that I am intelligent enough to know the difference between a cult and a biblical, God-glorifying church.  My life is in order with daily study of the Bible and other good books, a self-earned certificate in nutrition along with graphic and web-design, not to mention the home economics I've learned from being a mother and wife. My personal finances are well-managed and have afforded me the realization of many lifelong dreams. My home is nicely decorated - at least I think so :o), - well-ordered and clean, with hearty meals served regularly to a thankful husband. My clothing is modest, fresh and clean, and well-suited to my frame.  My hair is well-kept and my make-up natural.   My spiritual life satisfies the deepest longings of my soul and I seek daily to follow Christ and improve any area of my life that needs it.  I am blessed to be involved in the ministry and earnestly seek to use my God-given talents to make a difference in the lives of others, notably our beloved Bengali friends.  To God be the glory for directing every area of my life!  If it had been left up to me, none of the above would be true.

Does that sound cultish and man-glorifying to you?

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