July 25, 2012

Gramma would be proud!

I adored my grandmother.  She was so special to me and could grow African violets like no other!  I just loved going to her house during summer vacation. Her beautiful African violets are part of my memories of her.  She had all colors... purple, pink, and white with all kinds of variations.  I've tried my hand at growing these lovely plants and so far I haven't done too shabby!  I think my grandma would be proud :o) The one you see here was a rescue plant from the .50 cents shelf at Lowe's. I think it had 5 sad leaves when I got it.  I bought another one this week.  I hope to nurse this little violet plant (to the right) back to good health and will post the results of my efforts then. It should have an abundance of violet red flowers.

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