July 24, 2012


She's six-years-old, smart as a whip, and on par with Randy for teasing. And she LOVES to write on the erasable marker board I use to teach Sunday school. This past Sunday she drew my portrait. I looked much like Pippi Longstocking as noted in the photo below. Hah! Seeing his chance for some artwork of his own, Randy borrowed her black marker and began to sketch a picture of her - a signature piece of artwork he draws for kids whenever he has the chance. He gave her a hair bow along with eyelashes. Her clever grin (as seen to the right) told me she wouldn't be outdone and when he was finished, Rizpah drew us as a monkey couple, laughing hysterically, and completely enjoying herself.

I love the challenge of teaching these children in spite of the huge language barrier. So far, they've learned to sing the ABC Song and Everything's Alright in My Father's House - in perfect English! We're gettin' there, we're gettin' there...

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