July 7, 2012

Simplicity makes my day!

 Have I told you that I relish Saturday mornings?  It's because the only place I really have to be is on my front porch, enjoying our beautiful neighborhood with camera in hand.  The noisy birds flit in and out from their feeder and take turns splashing in the cement bird bath we got at Lowe's - and I enjoy watching them!  This Saturday morning a chipmunk was gathering corn kernels spilled from the bird feeder above him.  Angrily chased away by a bluejay, he darted to the drainpipe right near the porch where I was lounging.  Here he is!  A great shot, I think :o)  Last Saturday, there was more of the same, only not from my front porch... These were taken at Robert Moses State Park at sunset.  

Our attempt to shoot a photo with the sunset glowing behind us...

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