July 6, 2012

Pride is the Reason

There are some hard things in life for those who've been redeemed.  The difficulty doesn't come from the Saviour or from living for Him - living for Christ is easy in light of what He's done to purchase salvation; it's a great privilege to live for Him when He has done so much for me. But rather it comes from those who are against Him, those who think they don't need Him, and who believe they're just fine the way they are.  The trouble comes when the children of God, out of love for another one's soul, do what most people despise... confront. Oh yes... that's when the trouble starts.  That's when the accusations fly.  That's when the walls go up.  That's when persecution begins...

It's been twenty-two years now that I've been free.  Free from the vices that tame nervous fear.  Free from the bitterness that rots the soul.  Free from the pride that squelches grace.  Free from mind consuming covetousness.  FREE!  It's the very best thing that's ever happened to me - to anyone who's been released from the bondage of sin's slavery.  And of course I want my loved ones, family, and friends to possess the greatest gift ever given.  But so far... none of them want Him. Pride is the reason. I know - I've been there.  Humility is a lost virtue, and it takes a lot of it for someone to admit they've been wrong... Yet that's the first step in coming to the Saviour. How could the Lord rescue someone who won't admit he's drowning in the sea of sin and spiritual emptiness?  It's impossible. 

In life, it's been my most disheartening experience to have people reject the truth of God's Word and to hear their elaborate ideas about life, about death, and about why they won't believe the Truth. It's more painful than anything I've ever experienced. Not because I want to be right, but because I know God's Word is true and because I know its prophecies and predictions are coming to pass.  This is an observation that cannot be denied by any person who keeps up with current world events. This place is falling apart.  And all I want is to know that the ones I love are eternally safe.  Yet I cannot decide for anyone.  God has given each one of us the freedom to make our own choices.  This life has many choices. Eternity has two, which ever one is chosen is final at death.   

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