September 21, 2012


I’ve lived half a century—already.  Nearly half of those years have been lived and enjoyed as a child of Almighty God.  As I’ve traveled through time, it’s been my observation that physical and spiritual life can be pictured in just about every instance of nature.  I’ve entitled this brief writing Youth.  You can choose its meaning to suit yourself…

The stream sprang forth cool and crystal clear, the sweetness of its aqua water unmarred by human carelessness.   As it traveled o’er the earth, it sang and danced all along its protective corridor.  Joyfully it tumbled over impressive boulders and slippery stones, singing and hissing as it rushed the jagged shore.   Its life was vibrant, healthy, and full of promise as it served the earth with its refreshing presence.  Giant trees and young saplings gathered at the river’s edge, sinking their roots into its delicious purity.  To live near the river was refreshing—even exhilarating!

But there came a fork in the course of its travels; and the stream-become-river lost its roaring momentum as it yielded to its natural, downward course.  Seeking its own level, the water moved slowly along while soda cans and plastic bottles bobbed in and out of the now murky water.  Inky slicks of iridescent oil whirled on the river’s surface, looking mysteriously beautiful yet altogether ugly at the very same time.  The once aqua blue water was now muddy brown, and marbled with the world’s litter.  Only cattails and unsightly weeds could exist at its edge.  Coming to a near halt and teeming with maddening mosquitoes, the river could only be described as a swamp—void of beauty and utterly useless. 

But storm clouds began to assemble right above the birth place of the stream.  Thunder snapped the clouds to attention and ordered that the rain fall in torrential sheets.  The angry wind thrashed the bending trees, ripping leaves from branches.  White hot lightening stabbed the air; and once again, the stream became a roaring river.  Water gushed into the heart of the swamp and its banks overflowed at the deluge of cleansing water.  Set on a new course, the spring began to sing and dance all over again!  Ever forward, it pursued its new found life as it earnestly wound its way through valleys and canyons, hills and mountains. Carefully, the now gentle river poured itself into a soothing fall, settling into a crystal clear pool at the foot of a colossal Mountain—content at last.

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