February 11, 2013

Look past the smoke and mirrors...

If you think it’s for you, then it probably is…

I wonder when you’ll get enough
Of all this world’s empty stuff.
Politics, religion, gossip, and greed,
Movies, celebrities, and shopping sprees.
Newspapers, internet, paperbacks, games;
Parties and people; fashion and fame.

When will it happen that you realize,
The things you’ve been told simply are lies…
Do what you want! Live as you please!
Your inner voice is all that you need –
You’re in command, take charge of your life!
Follow your heart and you’ll be alright…

Phony happiness, shallow relations,
Empty attachments, and lonely acquaintance.
Selfish motives, willful pride;
Bitter resentment stuck deep down inside.
How long will you wait; how much more can you stand?
Pride has you locked in the palm of its hand.   

The answer is there in that old-fashioned Book…
You’ve seen it, you’ve read it; but you never did look.
The answer is there for the problem you face,
There’s peace and forgiveness, acceptance and grace.
Humility speaks, “Just let go of your way!
Repent of your pride and its merciless sway.”   

And when repentance is near and humility’s calling, 
Don’t turn your back and continue on falling!
Be brave and be real; say NO to the fight…
Wrestle your thoughts and acknowledge the Right.
Life has purpose and meaning for those who give in,
And submit to the One who paid for our sin…

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Acknowledging the truth about my heart's condition was
the best thing that ever happened to me!  

1 comment:

Sheryl S. said...

Amen....Oh, the grave that deception digs.