October 30, 2013

For the Pinterest Party...

We're having a Ladies' Pinterest Party next Friday night! Every craft and every food item will be selected from Pinterest. I'll be helping anyone who wants to make THIS or THIS - two craft ideas I saved to my Pinterest board. The snowman hat is a centerpiece made from a large coffee can and a pizza pan (I got mine for $1 at the Dollar Store!) The embellishments are for you to choose. Although you can't see it much from the photo, it's full of sparkling glitter and a candle made from an empty tissue roll and a battery operated tea light.
These are my lovely paper flower trees!  I had so much fun making all the roses from double-sided scrap booking paper and then gluing them onto a Styrofoam tree. (It gave me something to do while recovering from a pretty bad virus.) The flowers were spray painted with fine, gold glitter and although the photo doesn't show it, these trees just glisten!

♥ Many thanks to Randy for helping me with all the spray painting ♥     

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