January 31, 2014

Some guy

Some guy I don't even know posted his thoughts about Facebook on... FACEBOOK! Hah!  His English isn't the greatest, but I totally agree with his view of Fakebook Facebook:

"Methinks that Facebook is a wonderful tool that people can use to create a portrait of themselves that just ain't so. "Lovers of their own selves" would aptly describe men selfishly promote self praise while conjuring up self pity as they paint a portrait of themselves that is not consistent with who they really are. Methinks it would be good for all of us to examine ourselves and find out whether God "likes" who we are and what we do. If The Lord could place His "comments" underneath our "status" posts, I wonder what they would be."

Not very eloquent, but something to consider.  It would be wrong to say that everyone on Facebook is there to promote themselves, certainly that's not the case. But I would have to say that the majority are there to do just that. 

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