June 18, 2014

Father's Day!

We road our bikes to Bellport on the most beautiful day of the year and parked them outside Porter's...  where we found ourselves the best table on the porch and ordered sirloin burgers in celebration of Father's Day! To say it was a perfect afternoon just doesn't say enough :o) 

A great day, for a great father! One who always did the very best he could to keep our family safe and well-provided for.  Good job, Rand - I'm proud of you and I am thankful for the good man you are and the even better one you're striving to become - you're an inspiration!
 Next year we'll have been together for 35 years.  Wow. That's a very long time.  And something that doesn't happen very often in today's world.  Certainly God has been good to us, helping us to learn and grow into the Christians He wants us to be... :o)
PS - The BEST BURGERS and the BEST burger buns (from Amish country in PA) on Long Island can be found at Porter's, about 4 blocks away from the Great South Bay in Bellport.  And the fries are good, too. And so is the strawberry mint lemonade.  And the water's not bad either - hah!!

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