August 29, 2006

What dogs do best

Here are some funny shots of our favorite animal - Mr. Higgins. Also known as Higgins, Boomer, Poolywoo, and Dogger.

Here he is acting intelligent.
Here he is being unintelligent.
And here he is letting the wind roar in his ears; when at home he'll let no one touch his ears, much less blow in them. Weird. But loveable.


Anonymous said...

Cute dog. Have you seen this website? They make civil war era clothing...interesting styles for dresses

Anonymous said...

The designer will be in the NY area September 1-3rd...

AtMonroe Village, NY

Not sure if that's close to where you live. I'm not from the NY area.

Marsy said...

Thanks for your input. I went to the website and found them quite interesting; however, the cost of a dress is WAY TO MUCH!