September 1, 2006

Soup's on!

Today is Friday, September 1st. I have a friend who is not feeling well today and I am planning to make her a big pot of her favorite soup, Pasta Fagioli - pronouced Pasta Fahzool. It's an Italian soup made with tons of garlic, celery, tomatoes, canneli beans, and pasta. It really is delicious! I'll post pictures of the whole process before the day is out. If it looks good to you, I'll be glad to send you the recipe - which is my very own.

Here's what Pasta Fagioli looks like; however, I use less pasta and alot more beans - it's healthier that way and very low-fat.


Anonymous said...

Today is your son's birthday. You should make soup for him.

Marsy said...

How do you know it's my son's birthday? Not that I have to answer to anyone, but my plans for his birthday have not yet been fulfilled. Check my blog later for some beautiful pictures of him through the years. By the way, what's your name?

Anonymous said...


As to my name, I'd rather not say...hence the use of "Anonymous"; just a fan.

I do like your blog, Apples newsletter, and the very nice pics of him growing up. Your soup looks very tasty; I can't wait to make it! :)


Your Fan.